Pentius is a leading developer of web based properties.

We focus on early-stage, direct-to-consumer companies.

By combining investment capital, strategic and operating skills plus industry expertise, Pentius creates a unique value-added model that companies leverage to reach their goals faster. The Pentius team is comprised of successful, serial entrepreneurs with subject matter authority across core business disciplines such as finance, UX/UI and technology.

Pentius develops and manages web based properties and consumer services to help people deal witheveryday issues such as finances, travel and health based on these core principles:

Putting users first

Just because you're big doesn't mean you need to be impersonal. We tailor our programs to each individual user.

Making life easier

Online tools should make people's lives easier. Every day we revise, refit and upgrade with this in mind.

Beating expectations

It's not enough to make people happy; they need to be startled by how good you are. We aim to inspire people every day.

We're always seekingpeople who do things better,faster and smarter.

With generous salary, benefits, and bonuses - we take care of our employees so they can concentrate on taking care of business.

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Headquartered in the USA with team members deployed across the continent, we leverage the latest advances in technology to service customers worldwide.

What we believe

There are a few things that we believe in pretty strongly at Pentius. Trends come and go, but these are the ideas that have stuck with us and become the core beliefs of our business.

1. The truth is in the numbers.

Everyone has an opinion, but numbers do not. The harder we look at the numbers, the closer we get to the truth.

2. Faster is better.

No matter what we do, we do it fast. You can be fast and accurate, fast and careful, fast and artistic, but you need to be fast.

3. Test test test.

Results don't lie, but a single result can mislead. Never stop testing; never get complacent; always challenge your own beliefs.