Pentius is a serial developer of web based properties.

We focus on early-stage, direct-to-consumer companies.

Our Story

Pentius continues to be a global leader in the software development of financial services and customer relationship solutions. Through our valued clients, we provide technology-driven online and offline experiences that enhance and extend the connection millions of people have with their finances, travel, medical care, and more. We even offer assistance through the largest purchase a consumer will ever make, a home.

We actively utilize the awe-inspiring power of technology to better the lives of countless consumers every day. Pentius is a serial developer of web-based properties, focusing on early-stage and direct-to-consumer companies. We are always innovating to ensure we are producing nothing but the highest quality products and services.

Our History

Pentius began with the vision of helping everyday consumers solve everyday problems. We started to develop, operate, and manage various products and services that help these consumers gain access to credit so they can reach their goals; professional, personal or otherwise. Since our beginning we have evolved into helping consumers with so much more than financial goals; diving into medical care, travel assistance, locating homes, and even finding discounts consumers benefit from daily.

Our passion when we first embarked on this journey was to help people, and we continue to use that same passion towards our future every day. Solving our customers’ everyday challenges with finances, travel, real estate, communications, and medical care comes naturally to us, and we never want to stop.

Our Mission

Putting Users First

We are as eager about providing the best service for people as we are about giving them more opportunities through our offers. We tailor every program to each individual user to express our gratitude on a more personal level. Our partners benefit from the unmatched user experience we strive to provide to our consumers.

Making Life Easier

With all the wonders of technology and online tools out there, we recognize that not all of them are easy to use. That’s why we are dedicated to making our products and services so simple to use that people are amazed by the ease.

At Pentius we know unexpected concerns arise when consumers least expect it; that’s why we offer a friendly customer service team ready and available to help 7 days a week.

Beating Expectations

We love having happy consumers and partners while providing them with the opportunities they’ve always dreamt of. We don’t stop there. Every day our skilled team works to inspire individuals with our astounding service and brilliant company vision.

Helping solve everyday issues

Pentius develops and manages web based properties and consumer services that solve our customers' everyday issues with finances, travel, communications, and health.

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