Leadership Team

Our diverse, experienced, and inspiring Leadership Team at Pentius continuously encourages employees to strive for excellence while creating a fun, engaging workplace.

Chad Ertel

CEO/President of Pentius & IdentityProtect.com

Work: Equipped with over 18 years of experience in online marketing, customer acquisition, and eCommerce, Chad has keen insight and considerable knowledge of the corporate world. Prior to working at Pentius, Chad had achieved two large scale customer acquisition efforts of consumer portfolio’s (exceeding 500,000 active subscribers) and responsible for launching Chase Merchant Services inbound lead generation programs. When Chad made the move to Pentius, he served as the CMO for Pentius/IdentityProtect.com for 4 years, before taking on the role of President/CEO in January of 2020.

Life: Chad balances the demands of his schedule as CEO by making time for the kind of things that recharge him. At the top of that list is golfing, traveling, and spending time with his wife and family, in sunny California.

Randi Swatt

EVP, Chief Risk/
Administrative Officer

Work: Randi brings with her 30+ years of advertising & marketing knowledge. 20+ years of her career also include extensive direct-to-consumer legal and compliance experience. In addition, Randi spent time as the acting CEO for a publicly traded company and has worked with Founder, Martin Toha, in various capacities since 1998.

Life: When Randi needs to decompress, she finds that nothing tops getting together with loved ones. She thoroughly enjoys spending her free time with friends and family.

Nate Van Otterloo

EVP, Chief Operating Officer

Work: Nate has nearly two decades of experience in the consumer finance sector.  He's held leadership roles across a broad range of technical and operational disciplines.  Has has been recognized for developing innovative strategies to identify and leverage each organization's unique competitive synergies that exist at the intersection of emerging technologies and their operational execution.

Life: Outside of work, Nate enjoys traveling, spending time in nature and discovering new experiences to enjoy with his friends and family.

William Weyrowski

General Counsel

Work: As a corporate and compliance counsel, William has spent nearly two decades successfully representing digital media, ad- tech, and martech companies. With an LL.M. in Tax Law, and a Master's degree in International Business/Marketing, companies turn to William for his extensive knowledge of state and federal privacy statutes, data protection rules, and marketing standards.

Life: Restoring old items is one of William’s favorite ways to spend his free time. Over the years he has restored furniture, bikes, cars, and is currently bringing a classic GMC motorhome back to life. He enjoys outdoor activities (hiking, biking, kayaking, basketball, volleyball, etc.) and travels often with his wife and daughter.

Christina McCoy,

Human Resources Director

Work: Having spent almost 20 years in Human Resources, Christy has worn many hats throughout her career. Whether it was as an HR Coordinator or the HR Director, Christy’s mission has always been to act as a champion for employees— to develop initiatives, policies, and programs that complement existing practices, and to create consistency across the organization for employees and employers alike.

Life: When Christy isn’t working, she can be found spending time with family, nurturing plants in the garden, and tending to her animals in Tennessee. She especially loves gardening with her son and uses that time to plant valuable "life lesson seeds" to help him grow!


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