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At Pentius we strive to stay well rounded. We work hard but also know it is important to give back however we can. We believe in promoting both company and individual wellness, as well as taking care of our communities. Check here for tips, updates and to see what Pentius is beyond the 9-5.

From our volunteer efforts to smart wellness tips from our resident expert, drop in to see "What’s New" at Pentius.

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Company life

We aim to bring the best parts of "office life" to remote work–here’s what it looks like when we gather around the water cooler.

Daily Employee Pics; from our “office spaces” to “Pentius’s Pets”, we like to show how good the virtual worklife can be.

Halloween Contests; We take Halloween VERY seriously here. Very Seriously. Have a look…if you dare!

Pentius Swag; Where in the world is Pentius? Pictures of Pentius as we travel.

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There are currently no job openings but please check back again soon for updates!


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