About Us

At Pentius, our aim is simple. Keep doing what we do best. Protect and Promote
Financial Wellness.

Our Mission

Our company started with a goal to create a comprehensive product that would promote and protect the financial wellness of our employees and customers, while using the latest services and the most user-friendly technology.

And for over a decade, we have done exactly that. Thanks to the dedication from our teams—who constantly push themselves to create faster, more reliable and easily accessible systems—we have converted decades of industry knowledge and experience into some of the most utilized consumer credit managing products and services on the market today.

Our Philosophy

Pentius is not your typical 9-5 company—and we take pride in doing things differently. We’ve reimagined what it means to be a corporation, starting with the workplace itself. Although we have physical headquarters located in the United States, primarily, our company has operated remotely for over a decade.

We recognized the many benefits of the Work From Home (WFH) Movement, long before it was a movement. In addition to providing a flexible schedule and a healthy work-life balance, having a 'digital office' streamlines processes giving us an incredibly productive, efficient, innovative, and engaging environment. It also allows for greater diversity in our hiring practices—currently our virtual workplace boasts some of the best and brightest from across seven time zones!

We are innovators by nature and are never afraid to challenge the status-quo...particularly when that results in an ability to work smarter. Whether it is in the services we offer or in the way we structure our company, at Pentius, we believe in offering modern solutions to common problems.

As a company, we support our beliefs by providing products and services that are tried, tested, and true. We put our extensive industry experiences to good use by developing easy and effective tools that help people navigate their financial past, present, and future.

Our Priorities

At Pentius, we prioritize the components that make this company a great one.

Our People

The innovation and dedication from our remote workforce is undoubtedly the heart and soul of Pentius. We couldn't do what we do without them! We are grateful for their hard work and dedication and want to show it. That is why we've worked to establish an environment that gives back. With excellent benefits, a progressive pay scale, flexible work-life balance, independence, and a corporate wellness program, we aim to strengthen and support the foundation of this company...OUR EMPLOYEES!

Our Technology

To keep consumer data safe, companies need to use technology that evolves faster than cyber crime—which is why we work tirelessly to stay ahead of the curve. Pentius was created by tech-driven innovators—so technological trailblazing is part of our DNA. Our in-house dev teams keep our sites, services, security, and products updated and cutting-edge. Most importantly, we do this while maintaining usability. Our user experience stands out because we combine the best of both worlds—advanced data sciences and security measures blended with first-class service and easy-to-use features.

Our Customers

It’s the continued support from our fantastic customers that makes our dream a reality. Therefore, we believe that as a company, it is our responsibility to provide a product and service level worthy of their support. Living up to that responsibility is the driving force behind our continuous product updates and upgrades. It is also the reason we remain committed to providing the fastest alerts, a knowledgeable, engaged customer service team, and intuitive products built to scale with their growing needs. We hold ourselves to the highest standards because our customers deserve the best.


Protecting and Promoting the Financial Wellness of
Consumers Everywhere.

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